Ferti Algi – highly concentrated natural seaweed suspension rich in microelements and natural growth hormones.

Ferti Algi has a unique composition including natural growth hormones – auxins, gibberellins, cytokinins, betanines, vitamins – and organic acids, enriched with micronutrients such as boron, manganese, zinc, iron and magnesium. Therefore the fertilizer has a positive influence on development, growth and other plant life processes. It regulates the process of blooming, pollination and development of buds. It accelerates cell divisions, increases the size of fruits and the volume and quality of crops.
Ferti Algi is recommended for stimulation of optimal plant development and accumulation of nutrients, protein and sugars before winter. It also has a strong positive impact on resistance and recovery of plants suffering from stress caused by frosts, pathogens, pests and other adverse factors.

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